ǣKane Cornes˵

ǣKane Cornes˵

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While Melbourne is yet to drop a game this season, having won 17 consecutive games dating back to last season, Port Adelaide great Kane Cornes believes the Blues have what it takes to match it with the AFL's top dog.

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“I just wonder whether they're the team most likely to challenge Melbourne from a personnel point of view,” Cornes told Nine's Footy Classified.

Patrick Cripps and his red-hot Carlton side have been one of the shining lights from the first half of the year (Getty)”The talls, they've got to keep (Jake) Lever, (Steven) May and (Harrison) Petty busy. I think Jack Silvagni would be a great one to tag Jake Lever. Then you've got (Charlie) Curnow, (Harry) McKay and (Tom) De Koning to keep them accountable.

“The smalls that they've got – (Matthew) Owies, (Zac) Fisher, (Corey) Durdin, (Jesse) Motlop when he plays, are the ones that are bringing the ferocity that no other small forwards in the game are playing with. Provided you get the ball on the ground in your forward line, they're the best ground-level team in their forward 50 in the competition.

“Yes, they're vulnerable in defence and it's clearly a reliance on either McGovern coming back… because right now if (Jacob) Weitering goes down they are in all sorts of trouble, so I'm understanding of that. I certainly don't trust Lachie Plowman in a big final against a good opposition.

“They've got the bulls in the midfield to match it with Melbourne, I think they're the midfield that matches up best against them with (Patrick) Cripps, (Matthew) Kennedy, (Adam) Cerra and (George) Hewett.

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